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If you’ve been wondering “is there anyone that I can call for professional roller shutters installation near me?”, look no further! Roller Shutters 2U is a leading provider of the best commercial and residential roller shutters installation in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Our experienced roller shutter Melbourne specialist can design, manufacture and install a wide range of high-quality aluminium roller shutters, as well as roller shutter blinds and clear view shutters. Come to us for the best deals on modern roller shutters in Melbourne!

External roller shutters are a simple and effective way to give your property the protection it needs against intruders and control how much light you allow into your building. Both our manual and electric roller shutters also allow users to control the temperature in their building. Our experienced roller shutter Melbourne specialist understands the local climate well, which is why we offer external roller shutters that are designed to help both homes and businesses stay comfortable and secure at all times. Our modern roller shutters can even be automated so that you can operate them via an app, allowing you to set timers (scenes) to suit your lifestyle.

Residential Roller Shutter Installation

If you’re a homeowner that wants to know “where can I get the best external roller shutters near me for my home?” call Roller Shutters 2U to enquire about our professional residential roller shutter installation in Melbourne. Our stylish and modern roller shutters can add value to your home while ensuring your family has complete privacy and protection. Our security roller shutters also allow you to control the temperature of your home, helping to keep you warm during winter and cool during summer for year-round comfort.

Commercial Roller Shutters Installation

Every business owner must ensure that their premises are completely secure so intruders can’t break in. Roller Shutters 2U offers commercial-grade security roller shutters to Melbourne businesses that can provide your business with long-lasting protection. Our heavy-duty security roller shutters in Melbourne act as both a visual deterrent and a physical barrier that will drastically decrease the likelihood of break-ins occurring, keep your valuables protected and your employees safe.

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“Is there someone that offers professional shutter installation near me?”, you may be asking. If you have any questions about our window security roller shutters in Melbourne, call Roller Shutters 2U today on 1800 77 28 00. You can also contact us online to request a free roller shutter quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you only get one roller shutter installed in your property, it may only take a few hours. If the number of window roller shutters is high, a complete installation may take a day or longer. Call Roller Shutters 2U today to get an estimate for how long your roller shutter installation in Melbourne will take.

If we talk about their durability, then you have to measure it not in years, but in decades. A well-maintained roller shutter can last for three consecutive decades without showing any signs of damage.

The roller shutter is the most popular option worldwide, particularly for security reasons. In addition, it offers a range of advantages:

  • Heat Resistance – It blocks all sunlight and prevents UV rays from entering.
  • Noise Control – It helps you to maintain a quiet environment by blocking noise from the outdoors.
  • Fully Weatherproof – Whether it’s sweltering hot or pouring with rain, the interior of your structure will stay unaffected.
  • Visually Attractive – You can decorate it as you like, and the clean, linear design won’t clash with your property.

Roller shutters operate by rolling and sliding through tracks or guide channels. When rolled up, they fit into the box on the top of the shutter. There is no complex engineering involved with roller shutters, which means it’s easy to repair them if they start tilting to one side.

Undoubtedly, yes! If you have manual shutters and want to convert them into motorised or electric roller shutters, our experienced roller shutter Melbourne specialist can do it with ease. Conversion is not only a budget-friendly choice, but also reduces the chances of damage.

Motorisation is a smart solution for large-sized external roller shutters, but it can also be installed with any shutter. A motor fixed in the box rolls up and down the shutter with the help of a chain fixed along with it. You can control an electric roller shutter with a remote, but you can also open and close the shutter manually in case of a power failure.

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    Alex and team came out to repair 4 of my roller shutters which required new motors. Alex was extremely friendly, punctual & offered a great price & warranty on the motors. Highly recommend this business!

    Millicent Zevenbergen


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